Mild March?

It’s March! And when I walked out of the door this morning it was much milder than I expected  – about 6 or 7 degrees (which for my corner of the earth IS mild at this time of year!), prompting me to break out my New Spring Coat, which is lighter and brighter and itContinue reading “Mild March?”

Spring is doing its thing

I’m finding it really exhilarating to watch Spring unfolding in our garden for the first time.  Trees and bushes are budding and blossoming and little green shoots are appearing in unexpected places, so that I’m wondering what plants are hiding under there that I didn’t even know I had!  Among these surprises are dozens ofContinue reading “Spring is doing its thing”

My corner of the earth…

…is the garden at my home in the North East of Scotland.  We have lived here for less than a year but I already know that this garden is my favourite place in the world.  Virtually overnight, a passion for gardening and cultivating the ground around this house has seized me and I take every opportunity, especially nowContinue reading “My corner of the earth…”