We have potatoes!

Well, the beginnings of potatoes anyway – my lovely dad picked me up some seed potatoes when he was buying his own, so now I have 10 Duke of Yorks chatting in my utility room.

Why the utility room, you ask?  Well it’s a conservatory-style room leading out to the back garden and in lieu of a real greenhouse, which I don’t yet have, it’s got the right conditions (cool, sunny, warmth in spring/summer) and a bit of space for sowing and planting.  It’s typically the coldest room of the house, being unheated and with a plastic roof, but I love this little room as it holds the potential of vegetables and flowers and it makes me happy to stand inside it and look out at the garden.

You might also notice some small plants in the propagation behind the spuds in the photo – these are hydrangea cuttings I took in the autumn and are hanging in there nicely so far.

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