Communications, Media and PR

Are you a business or an individual working in horticulture, nature or sustainability and in need of some communications guidance?

I’m an accomplished PR and communications specialist with 20+ years of experience in journalism and media.

A published garden writer, podcaster and a member of the Garden Media Guild, I have built up a strong network of relationships with editors, journalists, bloggers, podcasters and influencers.  

Using my skills, contacts, passion for media and love of horticulture, nature and sustainability, I can help you tell your story – reaching the right people through the right channels.  

What can I offer?

I can help you with all kinds of communications – but these are my superstrengths:

  • Writing & editing – I am a wordsmith, creative and detail driven.  I can craft all kinds of written content: newsletters, web copy, presentations, speeches, social media, blogs. Want to become a thought leader in your specialist subject?  I can help you with that. Need to explain some complex ideas simply and concisely? That’s a challenge I love! 
  • Media relations – I’ll help you identify the right outlets and channels for the stories you want to tell – together we’ll develop your profile or key brand messages and find positive publicity for your products or business. I can also help you handle those tricky situations which sometimes arise – from a social media storm in a teacup to a full-blown crisis.
  • Strategic thinking – what do you want people to know about you? What do they need to know? What are your values? What problems can you solve? And who can you help, what do you have to offer? By helping you hone your key messages, ethos and target audience, together we’ll make sure you’re positioning your brand for maximum impact to move you closer to your business targets.
  • Podcasting – I can claim to be an early adopter, having worked on the post-show podcast for the Lesley Riddoch show, way back in the mid-noughties (before podcasting was cool!). I’ve since created, produced and hosted my own podcast – The Scottish Garden Podcast – which I set up to fill a gap in the listings for a show which specialised in Scottish gardening. I’m also an avid listener – I know what works and what doesn’t, from both sides of the mic! If you have an idea for a podcast and you’re not sure where to start, I can help you develop and deliver your show – from script, to presenting and interviewing skills, to the final edit.

Contact me at to discuss how I can help you with your communications, media and PR needs!

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