Sorting and planning

Is there any better way to spend a snowy Saturday morning than sorting out your seed packets?!

I spent a very satisfying hour this weekend disposing of the old packets, rediscovering ones which I had bought some time ago (I bought dozens out of season in Lidl for 15p each!!) and then planning my sowing/planting calendar for the next few months.  Having also cleaned out my utility room in the past few days, which also serves as my greenhouse, I am now ALL SET to start growing!


I am trying to keep it simple this year, and have plans to repeat my attempts to grow potatoes, carrots, onions and peas.  I’m also going to add some lettuce and rocket – mainly because these were some of the bargain 15p packets so if they don’t grow I won’t have lost anything!  I think these will be good to try under cover and I have a cloche which I bought in Aldi last year marked down at the end of the growing season (there’s a definite theme developing here…!) so I fancy trying it with the salad veg and maybe a few carrots.  Sowing some of these under cover also means I can start growing early, which is good because I’m itching to get started.

First things first, though, and I need some seed potatoes so I can start chitting them.  I hope to get my hands on some by the end of the week.  I’m also going to sow the first of my sweet pea seeds.  These are a must for me in the garden – they are so colourful, they flower abundantly and smell gorgeous.  I’m going to plant loads, everywhere!

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