My corner of the earth…


…is the garden at my home in the North East of Scotland.  We have lived here for less than a year but I already know that this garden is my favourite place in the world.  Virtually overnight, a passion for gardening and cultivating the ground around this house has seized me and I take every opportunity, especially now that the weather is improving, to walk outside my back or front door with an implement of some kind so that I can tinker in the garden. Even during the winter when the weather was poor I still walked around it, still, possibly, in a state of shock that we have managed to find the perfect house and garden for us, and envisioning all the things I could do when the spring rolled around.

And now that it has, my mind is full of those plans and I’m desperate for the next opportunity to go out into the garden and put them into action.  So I’m writing this blog to document what I’m doing in my garden, my corner of the earth, and using it as a gallery for the photos I’m taking as the seasons change and new plants emerge or are planted.  It’s only Year One of our time in this house and already I’m marvelling at what’s out there – and everything that’s to come.

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