Before – Back Garden

It’s occurred to me to take some ‘Before’ photos of the garden.  I have lots of plans which, realistically, will probably take some time to achieve, and will no doubt change and adapt over the years but I want to be able to look back in a year, two years, ten years, and see how things have changed – or not, as the case may be!

First up, the Back Garden:


Yes, that *is* a blue toilet smack bang in the middle of that border.  (Placed there by my husband.  I have plans to fill it with something that will quickly grow all the way over it!)


This border is pretty large and has quite a few gaps, although I’m enjoying seeing a few surprises emerge now it’s spring, such as Bleeding Heart and snakes head fritillary.  It’s also the home of several bird feeders which are attracting a very wide variety of garden birds (more on these later.)


We have an apple and a couple of plum trees, which were producing a good deal of fruit when we moved in around 8 months ago.  Husband made plum wine 🙂


And this is the back corner – a lovely, crazy paving area with a couple of small fruit bushes (gooseberry and blueberry I think) plus honeysuckle and a couple of clematis.  I’ve also recently planted a couple of climbing roses.  This is also the last zone of the garden to get the sun in the evening – I have plans to have some kind of table/seating area here and a vision of sitting out in the summer, surrounded by gorgeous flowers and sipping some nice cold white wine!

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