Despite the snow…

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It snowed again.

The weather has once again put the brakes on any serious gardening activity this weekend, although I did manage to sow a few more flower seeds in the greenhouse while dodging the snow showers on Saturday.

I also stepped out into the front garden for about 10 minutes to take some photos.ย  They’re not my best images of all time but reminded me that I can still appreciate my garden, whatever the weather, and that Spring is under there…somewhere…


Witch Hazel

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I take photos of the witch hazel every year when it blooms.ย  I think it’s because I’m just so glad to see some colour in the garden.ย  This bush shines like a little beacon in the darkest corner of the garden, close to the compost bin, and I don’t always notice it straight away, but when I do it makes me feel really happy.ย  Those delicate yellow ribbons are a sign that there’s much more to come…Spring is on her way.