Mr Smith

As promised in my previous post, just a few hours ago, I grabbed the opportunity to get out into the garden and I’m pleased to say it was a productive afternoon and evening. I had to dodge a few showers but I managed to plant out pea seedlings, as well as sowing new pea seeds.… Read More Mr Smith

Wee pea shoots

Great excitement – the first shoots are emerging from my peas! I reckon it really doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your hundredth time planting seeds and watching them grow – those first little nubs of green pushing their way through the soil always give you a little rush of excitement; a sense… Read More Wee pea shoots


We have potatoes! Well, the beginnings of potatoes anyway – my lovely dad picked me up some seed potatoes when he was buying his own, so now I have 10 Duke of Yorks chatting in my utility room. Why the utility room, you ask?  Well it’s a conservatory-style room leading out to the back garden… Read More Chitting!