Catching up…

Well it seems it’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last wrote a post.  Thankfully, part of the reason for that has been some lovely weather – when the sun’s shining I’m not inclined to stay in the house and stare at a computer screen, I want to get outside and garden! Some… Read More Catching up…


Spotted this afternoon…Mrs Blackbird sitting in the large nest she and Mr Blackbird have built in the ivy wall in the back garden, nicely hidden behind a large conifer. I noticed the nest a few days ago but it was only today I spied one of them actually in it. And she spied me spying… Read More Nesting


I have spent ALL DAY outside today, and it’s been wonderful.  Yellow has been a theme running through… It was bright and only a wee bit cold so I headed out straight after the school run on my new favourite walking route, which goes through fields, past some interesting houses and into the woods, with… Read More Yellow

Rooks & Reds

This morning when I walked up to the woods there was a gang waiting close to the entrance – about half a dozen, they were all in black, shouting loudly, calling to each other, generally messing about and putting others off coming nearby. Fortunately they were also about 50 feet above me – rooks really… Read More Rooks & Reds