An epiphany…

Looking around the mix of various shrubs, trees, annuals and perennials in the front garden I often become frustrated by its lack of consistency and theme.  Many of the mature plants were there when we moved in and I have enjoyed acquiring many more shrubs and perennials over the past couple of years and filling the gaps, but I’m not sure the gaps are being filled very effectively.

More planning is needed, and a better design.  This is still in the early stages, and I have ideas for widening the borders, removing some shrubs and transplanting others.  But I’ve also had an epiphany – as I view what’s already there in the borders I realise that cottage garden planting is dominant.  There are lots of roses already, along with established Philadelphus and I’ve added hollyhocks, geums, echinacea, lavender, alliums, dahlia and quite a number of other herbaceous perennials which could definitely or loosely be termed ‘cottage garden plants’.

So – I’m excited!  I have a theme.  I have a shortlist.  I have parameters for this area and this will help curb my enthusiasm for buying every plant I fall in love with (most of them) and allow me to be more selective, choosing varieties and colours which will fit in with the existing planting and blend into the blousy, loose and colourful mix that’s already there.  I will add some structure, and I’m not afraid to break the rules a bit, but I have a vision now for what the front garden could be, and I’m really looking forward to creating it.

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