Minnie (Minerva)


Iona (or Iona McFart)


and Big Boo (aka Polly, short for Pollos Hermanos)


I realise that’s quite a heady mix of monikers but that’s what happens when you let your kids get involved in the naming process, while also wanting to have your own input! We’ve ended up with a selection inspired by Harry Potter, Spanish words, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and the brain of a 6 year old!

Still, a week on and we’re getting used to them now – the names as well as the hens.  They chook about quite happily in their run which we’ve now covered with woodchips very helpfully supplied by a tree surgeon friend.  We’re giving them treats every day to find out what they like to eat – so far mealworms, cheese and dandelions are proving a bit hit.  My eldest daughter is visiting them several times a day to feed them treats or pick them up – she’s quite besotted with her new feathery chums!  The smaller daughter likes them too and enjoys showing them off to her friends, but isn’t so keen on raking poo.  They both like collecting the daily egg we’ve been getting though, and my husband is definitely enjoying eating them.

Polly/Big Boo is the sole provider of eggs so far, and is also the Queen Bee.  I think the pecking order has been established and it seems she’s the one in charge, followed by Iona and then Minnie, who seems to be the most nervous of them all and sometimes patrols the run at dusk clucking menacingly at the imaginary threats beyond the fence, before taking herself to bed with the others when it gets dark.  Iona seems the most chilled out and doesn’t seem to mind being stroked or picked up.  They have all already got into the habit of running over at the first sight of a human, but I am under no illusions – they clearly just want food!

It’s Easter holidays for us at the moment, which is one reason why we’ve gone for it with getting the chickens just now, but what with settling in our new friends and doing general family stuff, I’m not getting much time in the garden at the moment.  Which is the reason I’m about to cut off this post and head straight out right now – a rare window of opportunity presents itself, so I am going to grab it with both hands!

Until I return, here are some pics of our new ladies for you to enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. great names! So funny! Our first hens were called Rosie (named by then 4 year old girl), Bluebell (named by me) and Mungo!? (named by my then 2 year old boy) we kept hoping he would forget and we could change it, but he never did 🙂 So great for kids to have the experience of hens in their own garden I think. We will be getting new hens soon and I can’t wait to see what my 3 year old chooses as a name 🙂


    1. I’m happy to say the novelty of the hens hasn’t worn off yet for the kids and my eldest still likes to go outside and hold them and feed them treats and she’s even keen to help clean the coop! Long may it last! 🙂


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